With the Microsoft Surface pro coming out equipped with only one USB port, it can be a hassle to always unplug your mouse to be able to insert a USB device on your laptop. If you’re tired of this inconvenience, let the USB to Surface Pro charger solve your problem. With a portable USB hub, you can maximize your laptop functionality and simultaneously enjoy syncing your smartphone, e-book reader, MP3, printer, camera, and other USB-enabled devices to your Surface Pro.

eTauro offers a docking station, USB 3.0 hub and charger for Microsoft Surface Pro 3. This highly engineered and portable charger features a side-mounted design for a non-restrictive viewing angle and a visual indication of an immediate power supply. It comes with a power mode that requires no external power in order for the DisplayPort and USB 3.0 to work, and a 60W power pack that lets you charge your laptop to any electrical outlet.

If you prefer an even more extensive USB to Surface Pro charger, you can look for the Bus-Powered USB 3.0 3-Port Hub from iKross, which provides an all-in-one solution for your travel need. This device comes equipped with a multi-function dual input featuring both USB 3.0 and micro USB 2.0 On-The-Go function, in addition to the built-in dual card reader (SD & micro SD).

If you’re looking for something easy on the wallet, you can opt for the Juiced Systems Microsoft Surface Pro 3 4-in-1 Adapter which supports 2 USB 3.0 inputs and SD & micro SD card inputs. It also features a LED indicator light and a 2-year warranty for your added protection. You can also check out the Xiemin Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Charging Cable that lets you charge your laptop by mobile power supply.

Don’t let your existing hardware slow you down. Get the job done with a quality and portable USB to Surface Pro Charger that is durable enough to hold a number of your USB devices for your various applications.