Connect your camera, media player, external hard drive, card reader, and other devices that require a mini USB cable to your TV and enjoy your contents on the big screen. With a USB mini extension cable right angle, media streaming should be a breeze.

YCS Basics offers a mini USB 2.0 B female to B male mini extension cable that is backward compatible with USB 1.0 and 1.1 standards. It is right-angled to make room for more space or when a regular straight connector does not fit. This 3-foot cable can help you solve your decluttering needs.

The 90-degree micro USB cable from Play X Store connects a USB female A to a right angled micro B male. This black USB cable measures 3 feet or 1 meter and is compatible with all micro-USB cell phones and smartphones, MP3,a and other devices. It supports high-speed data transfer rates of up to 480 Mbps and helps you connect to hard to reach places.

Looking for a 6-feet micro USB cable to replace your worn-out or missing USB 2.0 cables? StarTech offers the UUSBHAUB6LA micro USB cable that connects A to left angle micro B and supports high-speed data transfer rates of up to 480 Mbps. This durable connector is also available in 1-foot and 3-feet lengths as well as with straight and right-angle.

UCEC offers a coiled right angled mini HDMI to HDMI male cable that can stretch as far as 1.5 meters. It features gold plated, corrosion resistant connectors that deliver optimal signal transfer with lower distortion at the point of contacts. This cable comes with a durable, black, PVC outer layer and shielding which protects it against outside interference, helping you attain a stable and clear digital signal.

Get a USB mini extension cable right angle and you don’t have to deal with cluttered cables in your workplace. Whether for media streaming or synchronizing, a variety of products are available online to serve your needs.