The Tumi Samsung Galaxy Note 5 case is, in a word, elegant. It’s the kind of protective case that’s best suited for account executives, businessmen, and anyone who wants a protective Samsung Galaxy case that’s impressive to look at.

Just feast your eyes on the Tumi Leather Folio Case. Its premium leather quality exterior finish is not just soft to the touch. It also provides both sides of your phone with a significant level of protection against regular wear-and-tear, scratches, and impacts, effectively lengthening your phone’s service life. At the same time, its interior is lined with slots that can carry different cards and bills, doubling as a mini-wallet that cradles your phone.

Alternatively, you can opt for the Tumi Astor Case (Gray Coated Canvas). This is a much simpler case that attaches to the back of your phone. With a durable hard shell that’s co-molded to a shock-absorbing polymer frame, this beautiful case actually provides some serious protection. Its raised edge on the front of your phone also provides some protection for the screen.

You should also consider getting JETech’s Tempered Glass Screen Protector that’s specifically made for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This 0.33mm thick tempered glass protector can take and absorb impacts that would otherwise shatter your screen. When this happens, you just need to replace the protector (and not the phone’s screen itself). This type of protector actually resists scratches up to 9H (comparable to the hardness of metal knives). Combine a tempered glass screen protector with a Tumi Samsung Galaxy Note 5 case, and you can ensure that your phone will last much longer than most.

Dressing up in business or formal attire doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with having no protection for your phone. Get yourself a Tumi Samsung Galaxy Note 5 case and you can dress to impress while still ensuring that your expensive phone is elegantly protected.