Tired of having your office, home, and utility keys scattered and rattling inside your purse or pocket? Let the Touch of Modern Keychain solve your problem through its selection of smartly designed keychains that organize your keys efficiently and fashionably.

Touch of Modern is one of the most popular men’s fashion websites.  You can see their assortment of keychains here (note: account is required or you can log on through Facebook).

Touch of Modern’s selection of keychains changes over time.  One popular style is the glowing fob (seen in the picture above).  They’re made in stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium.   Do you find yourself always fumbling with your keys in the dark? Then the TEC-A3 Glow Fob keychain is for you. This keychain comes with a special glow powder and resin mixture mounted in a tough aluminum housing in a durable anodize finish. This will come in handy on a backpack, belt, or camping gear during outdoor activities.

Touch of Modern offers a wide range of Keysmart keychains.  Those keychains can also be seen on other vendors such as Amazon.   The Keysmart Compact Key Holder comes in varying colors with a capacity of two to eight keys or fobs. In addition to eliminating the clutter and noise, this Keysmart Compact Key Holder frees you from getting poked by your keys. It combines function with fashion with its Swiss army style, making it a cool addition to your accessories. This keychain comes in an easy-to-assemble design and assorted colors like black, slate, blue, red, green, orange, and pink. Each purchase is backed by a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty for your added protection.

An alternative you can check out is the Keysmart Extended Key Holder made of aircraft aluminum, stainless steel elegantly designed with a laser-engraved logo. This compact and lightweight Extended Key Holder can hold up to 10 keys and are available in black and teal colors. If you wish to further expand your keychain up to 22-key capacity, you can look for the Keysmart Expansion Pack which includes screws, spacers, and posts made of stainless steel hardware and fiber washers.

You can also check out other Touch of Modern Keychain accessories such as the bottle opener, Nano Wrench, Stainless Steel Loop, and Stainless Steel Quick Disconnect Clip which helps you attach your keychain to your bags, pants, or other everyday items.

Free up your pockets and say goodbye to jingling and messy keys with the smart and sleek Touch of Modern Keychain designed to hold and organize your keys in a compact, space-saving, and elegant way.