Using a touch capacitive stylus with a fine point, you can recreate the experience of drawing and writing on any capacitive touch screen. That’s because this type of stylus works the same way as your fingers do on such devices.

In fact, Tech Vibes’ Universal Precision Stylus is compatible with virtually all touch screen tablets, phones, laptops, and computer screens. Likewise, you’ll be able to use this stylus to access and use any and all apps installed in your devices. It’s kind of like a pen that doesn’t write on paper, but instead lets you do touch screen work that requires more precision than your fingers will allow. This particular stylus’ design features a clear disk tip that gives you precise control as you move over a touch screen device while still letting you see where the tip actually is. On the other end of the stylus, there’s a wider fiber ballpoint tip that you can use for simple navigation. Purchase comes with single replacements for both the precision clear disk tip and the fiber ballpoint tip.

Similarly designed is BaseTronics’ MEKO [2 in 1 Precision Series] Disc Stylus Bundle. This package basically has the same features as above, but gets you two instead of just one touch capacitive stylus. Four fine point clear disc tip replacements and two fiber tip replacements also come with the bundle, eliminating the trouble of having to find extra ones elsewhere.

In case the included replacements aren’t enough, BaseTronics’ also offers a 6-Pack of High Precision Replacement Discs Tip For the MEKO Disc Stylus. Just remember that these tips can only replace a MEKO touch capacitive stylus’ fine point. It won’t work with other brands of stylus.

If you want better precision while drawing on your tablet, taking notes, or simply accessing certain apps that require a finer point than your finger allows, get yourself a touch capacitive stylus.