Smartphone has proven to be one of the most essential accessories to our lives –nearly one of the things we cannot live without. In addition to providing us loads of benefits such as connectivity, entertainment and productivity, it also gives us more personality and style because of the accessories that go with it. Whether you’re collecting Magpul firearms or simply a fan of its high-tech technology, you can extend your passion for Magpul while keeping your Galaxy S6 protected from the elements with a Samsung Galaxy S6 Case Magpul.

There are Magpul Carrying Cases for Samsung Galaxy S6 in retail packaging constructed with semi-rigid thermoplastic elastomer to provide defense against abrasions and minor bumps. It’s designed with a raised lip to add protection to the screen when face down, and an overall textured surface with PMAG-style ribs for added grip without the added bulk. It also comes with a snap-on style to make it slide easily in and out of pockets, as well as precise cutouts so you can charge and take calls without needing to remove the case. Magpul Carrying Cases for Samsung Galaxy S6 are available in solid colors like white, teal, blue, orange, and red.

There is also a Limited Edition Magpul Industries Field Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 made of black carbon fiber featuring its signature textured surface and PMAG-style ribs. Other awesome limited edition Samsung Galaxy S6 cases made by Magpul Industries are Bloody Punisher, Black American Flag in subdued reversed graphics, Air Force B-17 Bomber, Canadian Flag, Texas Flag, Mexican Flag, Cherry Woodgrain, Skulls, Urban Camo, and much more.

Stand apart from the rest and catch the eye of fellow weapons lover with a Samsung Galaxy S6 Case Magpul that displays your passion for the high-tech firearms while providing a good defense for your phone.