Attached to a right angle electrical plug, a surge protector is a lot less likely to tear or break over time. It’s an added safety feature to a device that’s designed for consumer safety.

If you need a surge protector with a right angle plug and is six feet long, CablesOnline has one with six outlet strips. Its six 120 VAC Surge Outlets are all protected from overload, and it can take a maximum load of up to 18,000 Watts. It also comes with a lighted power switch, an integrated circuit breaker, and a reset button.

Belkin offers something that’s a bit more convenient: the 6-Outlet Commercial Surge Protector with 8-Foot Cord and Rotating Plug, BE106000-08R. The right angle electrical plug on this surge protector actually rotates 360 degrees as well. This allows you to better configure its position in your home or office relative to the available space. For your convenience, you can also get a version of this product with a cord that’s 2.5ft, 4ft, 6ft, or 10ft long. You can also opt for a version with 12 or eight outlets instead of six – just check out the product page. Belkin’s included Lifetime Warranty for this product even comes with a $15,000 Warranty for connected equipment.

If you need something that’s more ideal for travel, that would be the Bestten 3 Outlet Mini Travel Charger Surge Protector with Dual USB Charging Ports. At just 4.57 inches long and 3.35 inches wide, and with a design that allows its 18” cord to be wrapped around its body, this surge protector is easy to pack for travel. Its two USB charging ports and three AC outlets will allow you to charge five devices at once.

If you want a surge protector that’s a little safer than the others, get a right angle electrical plug surge protector for your home or office.