For the professional photographer or videographer whose works of prints or video clips involved moving the camera or video tripods from one place to another, it is important to have an accessory that provides a sturdy platform and smooth roll on pan shots. A pocket skater is your camera or tripod’s partner in delivering professional-looking panoramic shots or pan video clips on concrete or carpet surfaces.

Invest in VidPro Professional Skater Dolly designed for use with digital SLR cameras and video camcorders. Built with smooth rolling PU wheels and stainless steel ball bearings, this dolly skater allows precise camera gliding movement with minimal prep time. It is designed with angle position markers that allow fast and easy axle adjustment so you not only achieve cinematic panning in straight lines, but also enable you to maneuver broad curves or make a full 360-degree circle. Additional features include an articulating magic arm and extendable handle for additional control.

If you are on a shoestring budget, you have plenty of high-quality options to choose from, including the Neewer Tabletop Mobile Rolling Slider Dolly Car Skater which can be used with a DSLR, professional video camera, and a handheld HD camcorder. Constructed with an aluminum alloy platform and rubber wheels, this dolly pocket skater allows a 40-degree wheel rotation in each axis and a loading capacity of 10kg.

Another cost-effective alternative would be the P&C Pico Flex Dolly Skater made of full metal construction designed for heavy use and longevity. It features fluid bearings on custom wheels allowing the Pico Flex Dolly to glide smoothly over hard surfaces. In addition, it comes with a free carrying pouch and a lifetime limited hardware warranty for your protection.

Create new creative possibilities with a sturdy, lightweight, and durable pocket skater that will safely support your camera or tripod while you take professional panoramic shots and pan video clips.