Otterbox Samsung Galaxy Centura cases are some of the best protective android phone cases around. The problem is that these days, Otterbox cases made specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Centura can be hard to find. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives.

One of them is CellJoy’s Future Armor Galaxy Centura Case. The two-piece design of the Future Armor case features a high grade polycarbonate (plus silicon) case for shock absorption, which seamlessly connects to the second piece: a belt clip holster that covers the front of your screen. This means that apart from protection, this product also offers you a convenient way to carry your phone. This package even comes with a Micro USB Rapid Car Charger. The manufacturer also offers a lifetime replacement guarantee on all of their cases, including this one.

You can also check out Sonne’s Red Samsung Galaxy Centura Rugged Case for Full Protection. The manufacturer itself claims that their product is ‘similar to an Otterbox case’ but comes at a mere fraction of the cost. This single case is made from a soft shell exterior and a hard case interior, which allows it to efficiently absorb the shock from drops and impacts.

Another interesting alternative to Otterbox Samsung Galaxy Centura Cases is the 3-in-1 Bundle For Samsung Galaxy Centura. Apart from a snap-on, form-holding polycarbonate hard case that envelops your phone, this package comes with an ICE-CLEAR screen protector, as well as a touch-screen stylus.

Failing to find some Otterbox Samsung Galaxy Centura cases isn’t the end of the world, especially not with all these alternative hard cases that can protect your phone just as well as an Otterbox can. If you want to protect your Galaxy Centura, or simply want to give it a new look, it’s time to get one of these protective case packages designed specifically to fit your phone.