Phone charging while on the road needs to be convenient for anyone on the go. Car-powered chargers are a must to have to ensure that your mobile phone will always be ready for use just when you need it while you’re out travelling on road trips. Monster Cables Phone Chargers provides you a low-profile way to keep your portable electronics charged.

Monster Cable 129904-00 iCar USB 600 Car Charger has10 watts of total power, perfect for charging power-hungry via 12V car outlet. Its’ ultra low-profile design saves space and it has a power status LED indicator.

Monster Double USB Car Charger is with an Advanced USB solution integrated into low profile design and plugs in and stays out of your way. It charges smart phones, MP3 players, Tablets, iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Bluetooth accessories with Dual USB ports for simultaneous charging of USB devices.

Monster Mobile 600 USB Charger has 10 watts of total power, perfect for charging power-hungry devices like iPad in your car. SmartFuse power protection includes circuit breaker and current limiter for maximum safety. The power status LED indicates when you have power.

Monster Cable Multi-device Charger Iphone Connector iCarCharger MAX 2 is compatible with iPad 2 and iPad. It’s black, lightweight, and it features iPhone connector and LED Charge Indicator Light.

Car Charger, MAX2 4.8A/24W 2 Smart Port is for iPhone 6, 6S, Plus, iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tablet. It is black with two USB Ports that can be used at the same time.

When you get a tire blowout, engine failure or anything where making a call matters, you’ll need your phone to serve its purpose. The battery is the lifeline of your gadget so make sure you’re equipped with a Monster Cable Phone Charger for your power-hungry devices to get the job done. By charging it fast with a Monster Cable Phone Charger, Smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, music players, Bluetooth headsets/accessories, and more will be ready to use in minutes.