Using an LG G4 wireless charger case with a QI wireless transmitter charging pad is a glimpse into the future of powering small electronics.

To use a wireless charger case like the Yootech Quick Circle Case Wireless Charger, you just need to take off the back cover of your LG G4 phone and carefully line it up with the wireless receiver on the case. This particular LG G4 wireless charger case also functions as a protective hard shell that can keep your phone from getting scratches and being damaged by bumps. It also comes with Smart View, NFC function, and a circular window on the front so you can see essential phone activity and data even with the case closed.

Once you’re sure that the phone is perfectly lined up and connected to the wireless power receiver, the next thing you’ll need is a QI wireless transmitter, like Napoer’s 5V 2A Disk Style Qi Wireless Charger Charging Pad. Simply plug it in via USB, and a red light should turn on, indicating that the pad has powered on but is not charging any device. Place your LG G4 with wireless charger case on the pad and a blue light should go on, indicating that the device is now charging. When both the blue and red light are on, this indicates that the phone is fully charged. Upon fully charging your LG G4, this charging pad can automatically go to standby to avoid over-charging or over-heating.

If you want an LG G4 wireless charger case with a different look, Capas offers one that envelops your phone in beautiful leather. Optional colors include rose red, ocean green, black, and white.

If you want to charge your LG G4 wirelessly, you’ll need to get not just an LG G4 wireless charger case, but also a charging pad that’s compatible with your phone and its wireless charger receiver.