Attention LG G4 owners. Do you find yourself always dimming your phone or closing some apps in the middle of the day to save battery? Or are you always the type who always look for electric outlets when staying in a cafe? Save yourself the hassle and invest on an LG G4 battery pack that will give you a reliable and powerful all-day battery life.

LG offers a genuine LG G4 Power Charger Pack that includes a 3000 mAh spare battery that lets you enjoy longer talk time, play more games, and watch more videos. It also comes a battery dock that charges the spare battery for your so you charge your phone anytime without the leash of a cable. The charging cradle features an over-charge protection which automatically stops charging when power is full.

In the same price range is TrendOn Spare Replacement Battery Kit which contains two units of 3000 mAh batteries manufactured with the same specs and top grade materials as the OEM battery. To ensure you never run out of battery, the kit comes with a spare USB charger so you can keep your other battery at full charge. It comes with a LED display that indicates charging status and an automatic current control that prevents overcharging, electronic shock, and short circuit.

Looking for an even longer battery life? Then the PowerBear LG G4 Extended Battery is for you. With its 6500 mAh Li-Ion battery, you can increase your phone’s life drastically –double your original battery’s capacity. Packed with Grade A+ battery cells, this battery keeps your phone protected from short circuit, overcharging, and over-heating, so your battery can last you over 500 repeated battery charge cycles. In addition, it is backed by a two-year warranty for added confidence.

Don’t miss important calls or updates with a reliable LG G4 battery pack that gives you extra power on the go.