Tired of experiencing lags during multi-tasking, video streaming, processing multimedia files, or gaming? Then it’s time to consider upgrading the memory of your notebook or desktop to improve the performance of your computer. Kingston ECC RAM delivers a reliable memory upgrade backed by their legendary performance that meets the exact specification requirements of each system.

Kingston offers a range of ECC RAM upgrade in varying memory, all backed by a lifetime warranty and free technical support. There are Kingston Technology Value RAM 4GB modules of 1600 MHz DDR3 memory engineered with 240-pin unbuffered DIMM, rigorously tested to ensure quality that meets industry standard specifications. For a slightly higher price, you can get the Kingston Technology Value RAM 8GB featuring a higher memory clock speed of 1333 MHz with standard specs of ECC 240-pin engineered to meet industry standards.

For those looking for an even higher performance and increased bandwidth, Kingston offers its 16GB RAM featuring an even more efficient and powerful DDR4 technology for an increased performance and lower power consumption, giving you up to 40% in power savings. This Kingston Technology 16GB ECC RAM is built with an impressive memory clock speed of 2133 MHz, representing a significant improvement over previous memory technologies in the market. Additional features include cyclic redundancy checks for improved data reliability, enhanced signal integrity, on-chip parity detection for reliable verification of transfers over a link, and more RAS features.

If you’re looking for a faster computing environment, Kingston offers 32GB DDR3 ECC Memory compatible for Windows and Apple desktops. Windows can look for the 2-Piece Kit of 16GB modules of 1333 MHz DDR3 memory while Apple users can check out the 32GB kit of 1866 MHz DDR3 memory designed and tested for compatibility for Apple desktops.

Increase efficiency by improving your notebook or PC performance with a memory upgrade from the ultra-reliable and high-performing Kingston ECC RAM for faster speed without the increase in power consumption.