Noticing your MacBook Pro 15-inch battery going bad can be a bit tricky. If your laptop is already aging and its performance is taking a hit, its battery might be going downhill as well. One indicator of a bad battery is checking its cycle count, which is indicated in its settings. If your MacBook is less than a year old, getting a battery replacement is still covered by the warranty. However, if that is not the case getting a genuine replacement for your MacBook Pro 15-inch battery online should be handled with caution as there are plenty of knock-offs available online.

Apple offers replacement batteries that are original. The New Bulk Genuine Apple A1382 Battery MacBook Pro 15″ A1286 Original is an original battery made by Apple. It is compatible with Macbook Pro 15inch 2011 and 2012 and does not fit MacBook Pro Retina. It fits MacBook model A1286 with the following part numbers – 661-5844, 020-7134 3Icp5/81/76-2. To ensure that this is brand new, it has zero cycle count with a 77.6WH capacity.

Another replacement battery for the MacBook Pro 15-inch is the Genuine 77.5WH Battery for Apple MacBook Pro 15″. This battery is for the MacBook Pro Core i7. The battery model is A1382 and has the following part numbers – 661-5844, 020-7134, A1382.

Finding a genuine replacement for your MacBook Pro 15-inch battery is very important. Third-party batteries may save you some bucks. However, it is important to remember that faulty batteries are dangerous as they may cause explosion and fire. Replacing a battery may also be a challenge since Apple has dropped the ability for users to change the battery by themselves. There are, however, a number of online tutorials that will help you replace your MacBook battery.

Replace your MacBook battery with genuine MacBook Pro 15-inch battery. Make sure to know important information like your MacBook’s model and the battery model to be able to find a compatible replacement.