If you need a Creative soundcard that Windows 10 will have no trouble running, you have but a few options. While Creative offers plenty of different soundcards and amplifiers, only but a few can actually work with Windows 10. Creative is still in the process of creating and developing Windows 10 drivers for their available soundcards and devices.

There’s the Creative Sound Blaster Omni Surround 5.1 USB Sound Card with High Performance Headphone Amp and Integrated Beam Forming Microphone. It’s one of the few Creative soundcards that won’t have trouble interfacing with a PC that runs Windows 10. At the same time, no matter which OS you run, this soundcard will provide your computer with the means to deliver 5.1 discrete channels of crisp, digital audio. Its compelling 5.1 surround sound can instantly convert any PC into a cinematic entertainment system, provided you have the speakers that can perform to its standards. Headset-free use is also possible via its built-in Crystal Voice Technology dual microphones.

If you’re not looking for anything fancy, the Sound Blaster Play 2 from Creative Labs will do. Apart from being compatible with Windows 10, this simple USB soundcard will allow you to do clearer recordings than would otherwise be possible via the equipment on a standard laptop or PC, making it perfect for interviews, video conferences, or podcasts. You can tweak its settings to your personal specifications by going to the Sound Blaster Control Panel on either your Mac or PC.

A company called Creative Media also offers the Creative Sound Blaster Play 2. Both this and the abovementioned Sound Blaster Play 2 comes with a conversion cable for PC headsets with attached microphones.

If you’re in need of a Creative soundcard for Windows 10, you should check with Creative’s actual website to see which of their products are now compatible with that particular OS. As they’ve stated on their site, they actually update some of their products to support Windows 10. For now, you can purchase any of the mentioned soundcards for seamless Windows 10 compatibility.