If you’ve accidentally cracked your iPhone 4 and didn’t purchase insurance from your carrier, all hope is not lost. It’s entirely possible to repair a cracked iPhone 4 on your own with the right tools. Though it may not be the easiest repair job you’ll ever perform in life, there’s no reason you can’t do it with the right tools, parts and instructions.

If your iPhone 4 is a CDMA model, meaning it comes from either Verizon or Sprint, you can take advantage of the iPhone 4 CDMA Glass Back Cover Housing Replacement from iPhone Parts Finder. It comes in several color options, such as orange, green, blue, pink, purple, yellow and others.

Need some actual tools to get the process started? Check out the iPhone 4 Complete Premium Tool Kill by iCracked. This is a 9-piece kit that includes tools needed to replace the SIM card and a microfiber cloth to clean the outside of the device when it’s reassembled. Other tools include a suction cup, spudger, two screwdrivers and a pentalobe.

Also from iCracked, the iPhone 4 Premium Screen Replacement and Repair Kit is an all-in-one kit that will satisfy your needs. You can get these for either GSM phones or CDMA variations. Not only will you get a replacement screen to swap with the broken one, but it comes with a protector already installed. You’ll get the sturdy protection of a screen protector without having to stress about installing it yourself.

Finally, if you’re looking to replace a cracked iPhone 4 casing using a case with more style, check out the iPhone 4 GSM Custom Back Cover Replacement Transformers Autobot White. If Transformers aren’t your thing, there are several other design and color choices available.

After assembling your repaired iPhone 4, be sure to test it out by turning it back on with the power button. Once it boots up, dial some numbers, test the keyboard, and play some games while looking for any dead pixels. If everything works correctly, congratulations! It’s a difficult repair to perform, but you can get the job done thanks to Amazon.