A covert camera is useful for secret surveillance in homes, businesses and on the go. This type of camera is typically concealed as another common device that’s expected to be used in a given setting. For example, a secret camera for a child’s bedroom can be in the form of a stuffed toy such as a teddy bear. Such a design ensures that a babysitter or caregiver would not suspect of being recorded by the parents or guardians. There are plenty of other ordinary household items that are used in the designs of hidden cameras including smoke detectors, alarm clocks, tissue boxes, toasters and picture frames. When shopping for a covert camera, consider top brands such as Brickhouse Security, ElectroFlip, Spy-Max, Spy-Sonic, Toughsty and Wiseup.

There are also secret cameras that can be worn on the body when there’s a need to record subjects in different locations. Baseball caps and fashion eyeglasses are some of the most popular covers for portable spy cameras. The small optical lenses are typically embedded in such a way that draws little attention. For instance, a lens may be permanently fixed into the embroidered logo of a cap or the metallic hardware in the frame of eyeglasses. If you need to secretly record videos from multiple perspectives, then a handheld device is the best cover for such an operation. Ballpoint pens, USB flash drives and key chains with hidden cameras can be easily manipulated by hand in order to focus properly on a moving target.

Secret cameras come with internal hard drives that can store hours worth of videos and hundreds of still snapshots. The hard drives can then be easily connected to a personal computer via USB cables. Stationary surveillance cameras that are equipped with Wi-Fi capability can transmit live recordings to a router and the Internet. Once the right software is set up, you can remotely view the videos from the secret camera via smartphones and other compatible devices. A covert camera is a great gadget for secretly recordings videos in private and public settings.