More than just additional embellishments, accessories are equally as important as the device itself. Anyone who owns a laptop, notebook, or smartphone would know just how essential a case or any protective covering is to extend the life of your device or how convenient it is to carry a laptop around with the right bag.

One of the newest additions to the line of Asus gadgets is the Chromebook Flip, which is the world’s first 10-inch convertible Chromebook. With a 360-degree hinge feature that enables it to transition from Chromebook to tablet, it is easily one of the new favorites among the tech-savvy populace. With its sleek and delicate design, it definitely needs a good set of accessories to personalize as well as protect your device.

Screen protectors are always on top of the list of essential accessories for any device with a touch screen feature, especially one with a screen like the Chromebook Flip. Brands like iLLumiShield have this Ultra HD film screen protector with anti-bubble and anti-fingerprint features. It is designed with high quality PET film imported from Japan that allows you to maximize the use of your screen without worrying about scratches.

Bags and covers for your Asus Chromebook Flip are must-haves, as well. They not only add ease in transporting or carrying your device, they also protect your device from damage and storing it properly. You can check out AZ-Cover’s Diamond Foam shock-resistant neoprene sleeve that comes in an assortment of colors for your preference.

Evecase is also another good brand that offers a selection of bags and sleeve cases, perfect covers for your Asus Chromebook Flip. You can choose from neoprene briefcases and tote bags with shoulder straps that are available in different designs and colors to fit your preference.

Getting the right accessories for your device is always a move to the right direction. It’s a good investment that will go a long way in preserving your device and keeping it in shipshape to last for a much longer time.