As diehard Apple fans the world over know all too well, a Macbook, iMac, or Mac Mini will compute circles around their Windows equivalents. Perhaps it’s in the genius engineering of the hardware, or maybe in the elegantly simple way the operating system runs, but all Mac users can vouch for the way an Apple computer can take a little RAM and make it do wonders.

As games and software continue to improve by leaps and bounds, however, the need for more RAM becomes a larger issue. You may be the proud owner of a Macbook or Mac Mini, but you may also be looking for an inexpensive and secure way to boost your machine’s sheer power and multitasking skills in order to avoid having to buy a whole new Mac.

Enter the Corsair Vengeance for Mac Mini, the RAM that guarantees both easy installation and incredible multitasking speed. The multiple options, all with incredible review ratings from fellow Mac owners, show this RAM is ideal for anyone wanting to take their Mac to the next level.

Installing new RAM used to be a breeze, back when CPU’s were larger than the average briefcase, so large that you could actually fit your whole hand inside as you were working on the machine. Now, computers like modern laptops and compact CPU’s make installing new RAM a nightmare for anyone that isn’t a certified engineer.

But Apple has made adding RAM simpler than ever by way of their ingenious engineering, and these Corsair Vengeance Memories can be installed in seconds. It’s literally as easy as pressing a stamp into place on the corner of an envelope.

Ease of installation isn’t the only thing the Corsair Vengeance for Mac Mini has going for it. This RAM also brags incredible speed, often a speed that’s better than the RAM that comes from the factory with the computer. The improved speed allows you to run multiple programs simultaneously, giving you an experience some reviewers call seamless.

There are RAM models for just about any machine, from a variety of Apple computers to Macbooks to Windows laptops. RAM has never been so inexpensive and easy to add to your machine. You’ll be thanking yourself later when you’re sporting 16 GB of RAM and running multiple programs at the same time.