When you want to speed up your computer’s performance, you should look for peripherals from companies that the pros trust. And in the world of high-powered computers, the pros tend to be video gamers and scientists, whose applications require huge volumes of memory to run properly.

Ask any of those people what company makes the best performance memory, and time and again, they will point you to Corsair. For decades now, Corsair has been engineering computer memory that withstands the test of the toughest programs and applications.

But for your home or office, you might not need quite so much power. That is why Corsair introduced their Corsair Value Select DDR3 8GB RAM card. As part of the Value Select line, this high performance card was built with the same great engineering that computer pros have come to trust, but comes in a smaller, more affordable package for the the average computer user.

With 8GB of DDR3 RAM, this particular card is perfect for situations like running office software or design programs such as Photoshop. With this installed in your desktop’s computer tower, you will get smooth, lag-free performance that allows you to plough through work without having to stop and wait for your computer to catch up.

If you are interested in souping up your machine but worried that the process is beyond your abilities, don’t worry. Installing this DDR3 RAM card is as simple as unscrewing your computer’s cover and plugging the RAM into place. The entire process takes five minutes and can be completed with just normal household tools. Best of all, once installed, you will see an immediate boost in your computer’s performance, whether you are working in MS Word or surfing the web.

When you need to give your desktop computer a shot in the arm, choose Corsair Value Select DDR3 8GB RAM. It will have turn your older, sluggish machine into a slick, high performance computer.