Setting up a networked computer system in your office can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The Corsair RM Series offers Corsair power supply fully modular units with an 80PLUS Gold Certified rating for energy efficiency. It is available in a variety of power strengths including the RM650, RM1000, RM450, RM550, RM750, RM850 models so you can quickly configure your system or have your computer technician do so. These Corsair power supply fully modular units are compatible with Fourth Generation Intel Core Processors and EPS 2.92 standards with backwards compatibility to 2.01 systems.

The Corsair RM Series is powered with Japanese capacitors of the highest quality for lasting performance and durability. The 0.99 PF value for Active Power Correction Factor ensures your system remains stable when it comes to voltage and current performance to protect critical components in your system.

Corsair power supply fully modular options are not the only option, and the Corsair CS Series come in a variety of Watt strengths and are semi modular power supplies that are 80PLUS Gold Certified. They are available in 450 Watts, 550 Watts, 650 Watts, 750 Watts and 800 Watts models and are Intel Core processor ready for Z87 motherboards. The 80PLUS Gold Certified units deliver over 92 percent energy efficient power and have a low-profile modular cable design that is flat and reduces air friction.

The CS Series, in particular, us useful in desktop configurations with low energy use where simple installation and low noise output are essential to workforce productivity. The efficiency rating of 80PLUS means that heat and operating costs are reduced which helps the company bottom line.

Using fully or semi-modular power supply units from Corsair ensures stable performance with computer systems using Fourth Generation Intel Core Processors and are easy for even the lay person to install.