Gamers don’t need to be told about having the best PSU (power supply unit) possible when building their custom kit. This frequently-overlooked and misunderstood part of the overall PC build means users often choose a power supply unit on total wattage alone, thinking “higher is better”. Others don’t pay any attention to their PSU choice and just accept the part that came with their machine. A power supply is critical to a system’s long-term reliability and stability so don’t neglect the power supply to pay attention to sexier and more interesting components like the SSDs and graphics cards.

The power supply market is full of products from manufacturers that are less than fully scrupulous – using components that are substandard and maybe even overstate the capability of the hardware. The overabundance of PSU-related deception and misinformation in the marketplace could be amusing if it were not so destructive to consumers. However, if you arm yourself with the correct materials such as a set of Corsair power supply cables in red – you will be able to link up just the right power supply to create steady and efficient power to your rig.

Hands down, Corsair makes one of the best and most proven sets of power supply cables on the market today. These individually-sleeved modular cables have improved flexibility for ease of use and installation as well as an improved high-density triple weave sleeve design. This is a full cable upgrade kit, and the all-black heat shrinks and consistent look will give your installation a clean and professional look and feel.

Looking for individual Corsair power supply cables in red? The CP-8920057 is a 61cm long 1 x 24 power ATX with detachable 4-pin section with female attachment.

Don’t overlook the critical components that hook your custom build to its power supply – choose the best Corsair power supply cables in red to keep power flowing freely.