If you are looking to build your own PC from scratch investing in the best external case for housing all of your internal hardware is a wise decision. To make a good investment many computer builders choose a case like the Corsair Obsidian Series 800d ATX full tower case. One main reason for choosing such a case is its remarkable quality – the case is well constructed and promises to keep all your interal workings free of dust and debris. However, the Corsair Obsidian Series 800d ATX full tower case is also an attractive option because of its affordability.

The Corsair Obsidian Series 800d ATX full tower case gets rave reviews and is the winner of a number of awards. PureOverClock calls the case an Editor’s Choice and worthy investment while Bjom3D gives the case its Golden Bear award. The Maximum PC identifies the case as one of the best, and TechReaction notes how the full tower chassis is unrivaled by others available on the market today. Think Computers even gives the case the Editors Choice award.
When you buy the Corsair Obsidian Series 800d ATX full tower case you will find the outside of the case has a rich, matte colored surface. The faceplate is made of brushed aluminum so the black color gives the case a highly sophisticated feel and look. To display the exceptional internal workings of the PC you build, this case sports a window so everyone can view the parts inside.

Inside the case are cooling zones that are separated from one another to stop the unit from accumulating too much heat inside. Fresh air moves over the central processing unit and graphic cards because the fan pulls cool air in from the case’s bottom and allow air out in the back and top of the case. The power supply to the PC even ends up with its own exhaust and intake.
When building your own computer, you will find the Corsair obsidian series 800d ATX full tower case one of the best cases on the market that you can buy. It is a high quality product that will ensure the protection of all your internal computer components. Check out what the Corsair case can do for you now while shopping online for a full tower case.