Whether you’re building your own PC from scratch or simply want to update your current machine, the cooling system is one part of any build that should receive special attention. Proper cooling is arguably one of the most important parts of any PC build, because overheating can cause major problems with the rest of your hardware – from performance issues to permanent damage to the other components of your machine. Corsair LED fans are a a high quality and affordable upgrade you can make to your build’s cooling system.

Generally speaking, the stock fans which came built in with your computer don’t offer particularly high performance. If you’d like to upgrade to a Corsair LED fan, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. A good PC fan should improve airflow, reduce your machine’s temperature readings, and – depending on how important this factor is to you – remain quiet, even at high RPMs. An example of a great, quiet Corsair LED fan is the Quiet Edition of the AF120. This high airflow twin pack of fans features a bright red LED.

Corsair’s Air Series is specifically designed to promote quiet, high levels of airflow. The AF140 is an affordable, 140mm fan that has several LED options, including white. This fan line uses a standard 3-pin connector, but does not include an adapter if you require a molex connection. The fan comes with all screws and accessories necessary to mount it to your case or radiator.

Did you know that Corsair offers full case solutions, not just fans themselves? If you’d like to get a case already outfitted with Corsair fans, the Carbide series Air 540 ATX computer case features a high airflow “cube” design, a white LED fan, and windowed siding so that you can see your components.

Remember, your computer’s cooling system is responsible for keeping the rest of your machine in good functioning order. Without proper cooling, parts can malfunction or be damaged, so if you’re building your own PC this is a good area to focus on.