Communication is a basic human need. In this age of electric technology, having a second option for communication when the lights go out could save you or your family from an unforseen emergency. A corded phone with mute and speaker functionality will be your ally in that hour of need.

The AT&T CL2909 corded phone is one of the most cost effective corded phones with a mute and speaker in the market. The phone runs on 4 AA batteries hence it doesn’t need any electrical hook up. Next time your lights go out, you’ll have a phone to communicate for emergency purposes. The phone has a 14 number memory, caller ID function, ringer control that makes it go visual, mute and caller hold functioning and a reasonably loud speaker phone for conference calling. The phone is easy to set up and the 3 to 6 feet cord allows you to move freely when placing a call.

For a more refined experience, the AT&T 2 line corded telephone is a better option. Featuring a well designed digital answering system, the phone is available in black and silver, and has a 100 number/name directory. The phone is headset compatible, DSL capable if using a DSL filter and up to 12 minutes digital recording time. The two line functionality with automatic selection makes it cost effective to operate and the added ringer tone customization means you can keep track of important callers, a fantastic feature for the home office.

The Panasonic KX-TS108W is another fine corded phone with mute and speaker. The built-in 10 station one touch dialer enables easier speed dialing. It has mute, speaker, good digital readout and call waiting functionality.

Don’t fret next time the lights go out at your home or office. The corded phone with mute and speaker will keep you connected to your family and clients.