Thumb drives have become a part of our everyday lives at home, work, and school. The typical thumb drive is a plain black flat shape that has a removable cap revealing the actual USB port. Which begs the question, why are they so boring? Well they don’t have to be boring. You can find cool thumb drives and here are some of those choices.

Star Wars fans can find either a Yoda or a Darth Vader thumb drive. The Yoda thumb drive features the Jedi master standing and when you remove his head you see the USB connection. He is an 8GB drive and can be purchased for 12 dollars. Like the Yoda drive, Darth Vader is featured standing. Darth’s head also removes to reveal the connection. He comes in two different GB sizes. The 16GB size costs 14 dollars and the 64GB sells for 27 dollars.

There is a 2GB thumb drive that is shaped like an army tank. The tank separates into two parts revealing the USB port. It sells for 6 dollars. Roller skating fans will love the roller skate thumb drive. The 8GB thumb drive’s top portion comes off for access to the port. You can purchase it for less than 10 dollars. There is an 8GB thumb drive that is shaped like a chocolate ice cream bar. Remove the top and you will see the USB connection. It costs around 5 dollars.

There are also many cool thumb drives that can be worn. There are a silver lock necklace and a silver owl necklace both bejeweled with crystals. They are both 8GB drives and the top of each pendant to use the USB drive. You can purchase the silver lock necklace for 14 dollars and the owl necklace for 12 dollars.

In our every changing technology driven world you never know when you will need to have a thumb drive. These options allow you to have cool thumb drives that will be easy to tell apart from others and still have the storage you need.