While many people are choosing to save money by only keeping their cell phones, many others still like to keep the landline open, especially when it’s bundled with other services. If you’re keeping your home phone alive, make a statement with one of these cool house phones.

Just the thought of a landline phone can seem a bit retro, so why not get a retro phone to go along with the theme? Paramount makes a replica of a phone from the early 1900s that hangs on the wall and will have your guests doing a double-take. If you prefer a retro-style phone that sits on the table, consider the one made by LNC. Fortunately, both of these phones have push-buttons even though they’re designed to look like the older rotary phones. This shortens the amount of time it takes to call.

Your teen might like the Cool Wired Skull telephone offered by Fun House Appliances. It’s a silver skull, and the receiver is a bone that rests in the mouth of the skull. Girls might prefer the Sexy Lips phone by Gosear. Either way, these cool house phones are sure to get hours of use each week.

Sometimes cool isn’t as much about the looks as it is about the functionality. Older people may not be as comfortable with the latest technology and could use a phone that sticks to the basics. The Big Button Photo Dialer phone by Future-Call has everything you’re looking for in a basic phone and then some. Not only do the large buttons make it easy to make phone calls with arthritic hands, but you can pre-program numbers into the phone and add a small picture of the person. When you want to make a call, just touch the picture of the person you want to call. It couldn’t be easier.

When choosing a landline phone, it’s important to think about your needs and the look of the phone. When you do this, you’ll find one that best suits you.