In our modern world there are gadgets to assist with just about any task, if you have the funds to pay for them. Some of these helpful inventions can have a big impact on your life, but the idea is to find gadgets that won’t also have a big impact on your budget. Cool gadgets for under $100 do exist out there, and many of them are more amazing than you might assume.

You now have the capability of carrying around a theater with you everywhere you go, thanks to the Mobile Theatre Video Glasses. This wearable device fits like any other pair of glasses, but the lenses are replaced by viewports to a virtual 52-inch screen. The glasses come equipped with earpieces for private audio, LCD technology for a crisp screen, 4 GB of built in memory, and up to 2-3 hours of battery life. These glasses provide you with a private theater before your eyes in any location.

Cold drinks and warm beverages will no longer pull you away from the computer with the Allnice Dual Heat and Cold Portable Mini USB Refrigerator. This tiny box style cooler and heater has dual functionality, so it can keep your soda cool and your coffee warm. It plugs directly into a USB port and requires no additional setup or software. Within moments it reaches the optimal temperature for your drink by utilizing semiconductor refrigeration, which requires less power, produces less noise, and lasts longer than traditional refrigeration methods.

Music plays right inside your shower with the Miomix MX-11 Bluetooth Wireless Shower Speaker. The device has a dedicated suction cup for placement on a shower wall, and it connects to your mobile device via bluetooth. The speaker can be used for music and answering incoming calls. Six hours of use per charge means that the device can remain stationary, and it charges via USB.

The market is filled with cool gadgets for under $100, and many are significantly less than $100. With a full online selection of gadgets like these, and many more, you’ll be sure to find the perfect device to help make your life easier.