Working remotely is no longer something that happens once in a while, it’s a daily occurance. When members of your workforce are across the country – or even around the world – then you need a simple way to keep everyone connected and communicating effectively. The world gets smaller every day, and networking potentials allow business to scale by working with vendors all over the country. Using a full set of conference table speakers allows your team to communicate clearly and succinctly when you need to work together.

The Sedna BlueTooth Conference Speaker and Recorder also doubles as a music player and can be used for hands-free conferencing. You’re able to connect two different devices at the same time and it also includes a MP3 file play back to the included SD card.

Conference communication can also be cool – with the eBerry High Performance X-Shape Desktop Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone. The plug and play 3.5mm microphone doesn’t require a microphone, and the rugged construction allows for long-lasting performance. Built-in echo cancellation and noise reduction go along with the slim and portable conference table speakers, which are perfect for meetings, teleconferencing, and desktop computer usage.

The Polycom Voicestation 300 connects one phone line and provides crystal-clear conferencing for smaller rooms and desktops. The microphone is clear for a range up to seven feet, and three to four participants can easily gather around the conference table speakers. The compact industrial design is a great solution for offices as it fits well on a desk or a small table.

VTech’s ERIS Station Conference Speakerphone with OrbitLink Wireless Technology has a central full-duplex speakerphone in the base and includes a two-line backlit display that has the date and time prominently noted. The conference table speakers support one analog line and have up to 70 hours of battery life or five hours of talk time.

Keep your team working together successfully with conference table speakers that are crystal clear and easy to use.