Keeping all devices up and running for multiple people at the same time can be a challenge. Finding enough outlets where and when you need them, so everyone can continue to use their devices while charging is the ideal solution. Whether you’re managing a meeting room full of executives and their personal devices, or a busy family with several devices to charge, a conference table power station is the ideal solution to keep everyone up and running.

The Bestten 4 Port USB Charger with 4 Outlet Power Station is a popular choice for a conference table power station. This great hub is the mother ship for everyone’s smart phone, tablet, laptop and anything else that needs plugged in. It contains four USB charging ports, providing the fastest possible charge, up to 2.1 amps per port. It also has four outlets, making it the perfect power station for a conference room, home office or even kitchen counter. It has a 6-foot power cord which is heavy-duty and is made of long-lasting bronze sheeting. The hub also has a built-in surge protector with overload protection.

Another option, to accommodate even more devices, is the Belkin Conference Room Power Center. This product houses eight USB ports and four standard power outlets. It has a heavy base to keep it stable on the table or desk. It also features a built-in surge protector and contains a surge protection indicator to let you know your equipment is protected. The 1080 Joule energy rating provides high-level protection for all of your prized devices.

A third great choice is the Accell D080B-015K Powramid. This impressive power station looks like something from the future. It contains six power outlets and two USB ports and comes with a heavy-duty, six-foot power cord. Power Stop Technology protects your devices from surge and overload.

So, whether you’re managing the company meeting room, or a busy family, a conference table power station will keep everyone fully-charged.