There are so many good reasons to have a conference speakerphone for your smartphone. If you’re in a conference room at the office, it’s such an inconvenience to run your office landline to the center of your conference table. Why not make the call on your smartphone and hook up a speaker? Perhaps you work from home, you’re dialing into a business call with your cell, and you need your hands free while you’re on the call. The sound quality on your phone’s speakerphone function may be subpar, and speakerphone can drain your battery a lot faster than regular calls. Did you know about some of these options for a conference speakerphone for your smartphone?

The Jabra Speak 810 Conference Room Speakerphone can be connected in a range of different methods, including Bluetooth, USB, NFC, and 3.5mm inputs. It’s compatible with your smartphone, your tablet, and even your PC. It will pick up other Bluetooth Class 1 devices at up to a 100 ft. distance, and one charge will get you up to 15 hours of talk time. It comes equipped with Zoomtalk intelligent microphones that are multidirectional and designed to focus on the human voice to the exclusion of other noise.

To expand your smartphone into a larger, landline feel, you can hook it up to the ION Audio ION Phone Station Plus Bluetooth Speakerphone Station for Smartphones. Compatible with any Bluetooth smartphone, this is an entire speakerphone station with stereo speakers and a condenser mic for excellent audio quality. With this product, you can have professional conference calls on your smartphone with the added features of a large number pad and easy volume control. The ION is also designed for music playback when you’re not on a call.

Don’t sacrifice the ability to have high-quality professional conference calls because you’re using a smartphone. Get a conference speakerphone for your smartphone to bring the quality back to your business calls.