One of the backbones of running a business is making sure everyone on your team has the most recent project information so they can make the best decisions. No matter how great your email habits are, nothing gets everyone on the same page like an in-person meeting. When you are all around the conference table, chances are you’ll have multiple computers, phones, and other devices that will be needed to present information. Make it easy for everyone to come together by adding a conference room table power station, so no one has to stretch for an outlet.

Taking one less worry off everyone’s mind will make your meeting much more productive. The Bestten 4 Port USB Charger with 4 Outlet Power Station allows your small think tank to plug in all their phones, tablets, and computers during a meeting. Everyone will have access to their devices and contacts while the meeting takes place. With a six foot cord and surge protection, this conference room table power station is a great solution.

Belkin’s Conference Room Power Center also features four outlets, but has eight total USB charging ports. If your meeting involves more than one member relaying information to a third party on the phone, this is a good idea. You can hash out all the details without worrying about devices running out of power.

The Accell Powramid is a surge protecting conference room table power station that has six outlets and two USB charging ports. This is good for meetings where multiple devices will be running simultaneously, like a projector, a computer, and a landline phone. You can keep all the cords in one place so they are out of the way.

Your company has too much to do for you to worry about dead devices or tangled cords. Add a power hub to your conference room so the meetings stay productive.