Adding a conference room microphone and speaker for a computer need not be complicated if you know your computer and your software.

Will the same computer be used for conference calls or whether the microphone system will be shared? Will it be wireless or use the headset jack or a USB port on the computer? What software will you use? Skype and UberConference are a couple of popular programs. MAC users can use Skype and UberConference, but may also consider FaceTime or iChat.

Conference room microphone and speakers for a computer can use either audio jack or USB connections. The next question is wireless or wired systems. In many environments, wireless or Bluetooth is not allowed so only wired systems should be considered. Luckily the marketplace has adapted nicely so that many manufacturers provide both wired and wireless models for computers.

Features that are a must when considering a conference room microphone & speaker for a computer are echo cancelling and muting. The echo cancelling will prevent your audio from going back through the speaker to make conferencing more difficult. The mute button will provide you with the capacity for side conversations that you may not want to share with other parties on the line. Be sure to turn cell phones off. They can insert static noise on most speaker systems.

Most computers today will recognize a device when it is plugged in. Software will be downloaded from the internet automatically and your microphone & speaker will be ready to use. If downloading software is not possible, a disk is usually provided with the device. If you have a large conference room, select a system that can add microphones to expand the coverage area. Having the capacity to add additional microphones will assure everyone is heard in the conference.

Get suggestions from your friends and read reviews on the internet. Using audio/video conferencing to collaborate with friends and colleagues can save time and money. Try it out today.