In most conference rooms when there is an ongoing conference, a sight that is most common are the members of the team jostling for a handful of power outlets with a disorganized jumble of cords all over the table and floor. They are usually accompanied by a miffed presenter, who is generally struggling with the wires himself. What conference rooms like these need are cords and wires that are better managed and aesthetically pleasing.

Conference room cord organizers can de-clutter the cords and arrange them in a way that does not make them jumble up among themselves and take focus away from the presentation or the presenter. A conference room cord organizer is also very helpful at your home or office where there is a desktop which is connected to multiple devices like a printer, scanner, stereo etc.

The features to look out for are the number of outlets and whether they includes USB ports, and if possible, also a surge protector. Most devices require USB ports to enable the plug and play feature to work, and it is also an essential port for all kinds of charges and alternate power source. The basic conference room cord organizer may not have these additional features, and as such, the features that would be ideal to look into would be the length of the cord organizer, and the overall look and feel of the cord organizer.

A conference room cord organizer is an essential part of offices and meeting rooms in today’s age. It’s especially important for hotels or conference venues that want to give their users and guests a seamless experience when they hold an event or a conference. It makes the conference room seem more smart and integrated, and feel like a highly adaptable meeting environment. It keeps the wires and cords organized, out of view, and allows the presenter and other members of the conference to have access to critical power, A/V, and communication services.