Technology certainly makes those big meetings much more productive – with the use of computers you can project complex presentations onto a screen, have as many as 20 people in on one conference call, and everyone in the room can be viewing the same PowerPoint on their own laptop. All of these components also create a challenge, however – how to handle conference room cable management. All of those cords have to go somewhere and you definitely don’t want them under people’s feet, tripping them up. With a few well-placed organizing solutions, you can easily and affordable keep the clutter under control.

Make safety a priority with the 3” SafCord Carpet Cord Cover in black from Electriduct. This innovative design works on Berber and other loop carpets by securing to it with Velcro. It is the only non-adhesive design you can get to secure cords and cables to carpets and rugs, and is ideal for use on stairways, in hallways, and throughout the office. It’s washable and reusable, and has a low-profile design to eliminate tripping. You can choose from a variety of sizes from 3” x 6’ up to 6” x 12’, and it comes in black, blue, gray, taupe, and yellow.

Keep everyone plugged in to one location with the Kensington SmartSockets Surge Protection Power Strip. This circular surge protector comes with six outlets and a 16’ cord, making it perfect for conference room cable management. You’ll never suffer from competition for outlets again during those important meetings. This unit is rated for 1500 Joules, and features color-coded rings with matching cord labels for simple management. The indicator monitors protection and the design allows plenty of room for everyone’s AC adapters.

Don’t let cord clutter become a distraction during meetings. Accomplish conference room cable management with a few simple gadgets and focus on the work at hand.