Business today is worlds away from sitting in an office tied to the phone as in decades past. People are now on the go constantly, taking their work with them and using devices to stay connected to colleagues and clients. One thing that you may find challenging on your normal cellphone, however, is setting up a conference call. It used to be that you had to sit at a corded phone in the office for the duration of the meeting. Now, though, technology has spawned the conference phone with a SIM card, which allows you to plug in your own card and have high quality conference calls wherever you go.

Conference calling has never been easier than with the Meeteasy GSM-Mid2-B Conference Phone. This high-tech communications device features a built-in SIM card slot, integrated Bluetooth for simple smartphone connectivity, a 3.5mm port to connect to your computer, and recording device support. Enjoy support for up to 18 people, with HD technology and acoustic echo cancelling for crystal clear, high quality audio during your meetings. You get three built-in microphones and web-based four-way conferencing so that no one misses out on the big conference.

Meeteasy also makes a compact version with the GSM-Mini Conference Phone. This powerful little phone is ideal for small to midsize rooms, accommodating up to 10 people. The DNR (Dynamic Noise Reduction) removes background noise, allowing people to be heard clearly from up to three meters away. Full duplex HD technology allows for simultaneous two-way conversations, and the USB connectivity supports web-based conferencing. This conference phone with a SIM card slot and GSM capability is the ideal solution for your small to mid-size meeting needs.

Quit struggling with dropped calls and the resulting interrupted meetings. Keep your business on track and connected by taking advantage of the high-tech solutions provided by SIM card-enabled conferencing phones.