Check out our top-quality professional microphones with mute buttons for your next conference. We carry a large selection of microphones with a variety of convenient features.

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone Plug and play feature three unique capsules that record almost any situation. This microphone is compatible with PC Windows 7, 8, 8.1, XP, Vista, and Mac. This blackout edition bundle comes with a pair of JVC Full-Size Headphones and a Knox Pop Filter. Multiple pattern selection allows for bidirectional, cardioid, stereo, and omnidirectional recordings. This microphone is ideal for conferences, musical instruments, vocals, podcasting, interviews, voiceovers, and field recordings. It features a mute button and zero-latency headphone output.

Elevate your conference with the MXL Mics Executive Web Conferencing USB Microphone. This microphone features dependable, clear sound. It features a three-capsule selection with an 180-degree pickup pattern. This helps capture crystal clear audio in a group setting or a conference room. With its 25 foot range, the USB microphone captures sound accurately even in large conference rooms. There is a backlit mute button for private remarks. The headphone jack allows you to use hold a private conference at a workstation. This USB Microphone is constructed of premium metal. Its low profile body with curved lines makes it a functional and attractive addition to any conference room or workspace. This microphone is compatible with Mac and PC computers.

The Logitech Conference Cam combines HD video with high-quality audio. This cam is ideal for small group video conferencing. Now you can instantly transform any office or meeting space into a business-grade small group video conference room. Logitech’s Conference Cam is the first audio and video conferencing device designed with small groups in mind. It combines a freestanding wide-view HD webcam with an enterprise-quality microphone and speakerphone in one device. Small groups can run their own video conferences anywhere in the office, without going through the hassle of competing for overbooked conference rooms or crowding around PC webcams. The speakerphone and noise-cancelling microphone allow clear audio up to eight feet away from the unit. The sensitive mic pickup and echo cancellation audio makes conversations clear. This conference cam has a handy remote control. Quickly control the camera tilt, pan, and zoom during the call. You can also control the volume, mute, and other functions during the call. This works with Skype, Lync, and other popular platforms.

Professional microphones deliver crystal clear audio, reduce conference table clutter, and make it possible to have conferences anywhere. A conference microphone with a mute button conveniently allows for private comments during a conference.