When your photo equipment has to travel with you to big conferences or other large events, you want it protected just like it was back in the cabinet at home. You want durability, plenty of storage and easy carrying at the conference with your camera bag. As a professional you know your camera is your living, and you need to treat it right. That’s why you need a good professional conference camera bag or backpack.

Bestek Caden Camera Backpack for SLR or DLSR Cameras has room for all the equipment you need in one place. This bright orange bag is easy to find and easy to carry.  Made of durable nylon, this bag is waterproof for an outside the conference camera bag. This backpack has built in rain cover, with several outside compartments. The thick mesh and padding inside the backpack protects your equipment from collisions outside the bag. This bag has plenty of ventilation material so that it wont mildew.

The Usmile Vintage Look BritPop DSLR Camera Bag is a more traditional bag that looks good at any conference. With a faux leather outside and padded inside, this durable bag will last for years. It can carry a camera body with lens attached and an extra lens, along with storage for SD cards and other small accessories. This bag comes with classic metal snaps and a faux leather carry strap.

An absolutely huge backpack/camera bag, the Abonnyc DRLBP-CZ Waterproof Anti-Shock backpack for DSLRs Abrasion is corrosion resistant and waterproof. With customizable dividers it can carry one large or two smaller cameras with lenses and 6 more lenses along with other accessories. Several outside pockets and sturdy semi-solid frame will keep your photo gear safe from almost anything.

If you are going to cover a large conference a camera bag that fits your needs as a professional is required equipment to get everything captured that you came for.