It seems that just about everyone on the planet owns a smartphone these days. While we definitely use them for calls, the array of things you can use one of these devices for is growing by leaps and bounds practically every single day. Of course, this also helps to explain why smartphones are so popular.

That being said, they still have their limits. Up until recently, one of those limits was especially frustrating for those of us who need to make conference calls. While your smartphone has the speakerphone option, this is hardly ideal for a true conference call. If you hope to do serious business over one of these calls, turning your phone on speaker just won’t do.

Fortunately, you can now have a conference calling speaker phone for cell phones without any of the problems that used to plague this goal. The iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Charger And Docking Station by Zigee is made with a docking port for your phone. All you have to is plop your device in said port and you’ll get the full benefits of a true conference call. Anyone on the other line will have no idea you’re able to do this through your smartphone. Of course, your phone will also be getting a fresh charge too.

For the Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Mini Speaker by bePowered, you don’t even need to connect your smartphone either. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can keep your smartphone in your pocket if you like or hold it in your hand. This device will still be able to carry out a conference calling speaker phone for cell phones.

The benefits of using a conference calling speaker phone for cell phones device are many. However, the main one is that you can just hit your contacts, initiate the call and go, as opposed to having to “dial in” like you used to. This device will also give your phone much better quality audio as opposed to the kind you’d get from speakerphone.

If you have a smartphone and want better conference calls with it, the answer is simple with these machines.