When you are conducting a conference call, you know the importance of centralizing the call station so that everyone’s voice can be heard crisply and clearly for the duration of the call. With a conference call station iPhone accessory, you can have your entire staff participate in conference calls of any duration while enjoying the convenience of all the features of your newest iPhone system. These conference call stations come with all the necessary hardware and up to date software that you need to start making calls right away.

While shopping for a conference call station iPhone, consider the product made by Zigee. This iPhone 4 / 4s Charger and Docking Station features Bluetooth technology, and is able to turn your iPhone into a full featured desktop phone. While in the docking station, this phone charges your iPhone 4 / 4s. The conventional handset is ergonomically designed, while the large keypad is easy to use. You can also use the voice dialing feature for a totally hands free experience. This phone has additional features including conferencing, holding calls, redial and mute.

You might also want to try the conference call station for iPhones made by Polycom. This 500 Analog Conference Phone with Bluetooth voice station features an ability to link with your iPhone for management of conference calls in your office or while working from home. This phone station has a long lasting power supply so that it keeps on performing even during calls that last for several hours. Operated with Bluetooth technology, this phone station delivers a hands free experience. The analog phone station is able to store dozens of your most commonly used conference calling phone numbers for added convenience.

A conference call station for an iPhone makes it easy for you to plan and conduct conference calls with colleagues and business partners anywhere in the world. These devices can even link up with your digital calendar and contact book to make it easy to reach everyone on your call list without having to type in dozens of separate numbers.