Every electronics professional and hobbyist knows how valuable a set of connectors with clips are when troubleshooting or bread boarding a circuit. With many electronics retail stores either going out of business or catering just to consumer electronics it leaves the experimenter out in the cold with no local outlet to get electronic parts. The Internet however still has plenty of diagnostic and electronic construction material that will make any professional or hobbyist’s projects complete.

Elecnco offers this TL-6 Alligator Lead Set with 10 twin clip jumpers at 14 inches long. These insulated alligator clip test leads come in five colors for easy identification. Perfect for testing and ideal for use in labs, service shops and with STEM curriculum in schools. These clip leads come in handy for troubleshooting, making PI circuits, and for extra power to a circuit. A great set of helpers for any electronic project.

Generic makes this 9v Battery Snap Connector with Dual Alligator Clips to help put power to a circuit or a device. This classis square 9v batter snap goes on the top of the battery allowing you to test or troubleshoot circuits to see if there is an open or a short. Great to have in the toolbox or in the shop.

Paradise sells these great Plastic Quick Clip Wire connector for low voltage landscape wiring. These connectors hold fast using 12-18-gauge wire and are weather proof. Maintenance free, these clips install without tools and are stylish looking ergonomic clips.

Connectors with clips for electrical hookup and troubleshooting are easy to find on the internet. The quality and the great prices are what bring people online to buy electronic connection and diagnostic equipment. Everyone who works on anything with power needs to have some of these versatile test wires around their shop to help fix and design the things that they need.