Today’s keyboards have a lot to offer. With good keyboards, better comfort and improved ergonomics are experienced. If you are into gaming, a compact white gaming keyboard is one of the few types that gives a lot of benefits. The white color makes it more visible when typing and can be positioned to suit you and not your desk.

The KBC Poker 3 White Case keyboard by Vortex is a great option. It is a tiny size keyboard with 61 keys. It has a white backlit and metal casing that give you a more enthusiastic feel when you are playing. One another great option is the Perixx PERIDUO 303W Keyboard. It has a compact size of 15.32″x5.59″x0.98″ dimension. It has a piano white finish and a chiclet key design. This design suits best for gamers.

The Srocker BM8300 is also a top pick. It is a white wireless compact ultra thin quiet keyboard. This is best for gamers that don’t prefer a bulky keyboard. It has also a mouse energy saving combo with built in Nano receiver for laptop and PC. It offers a reliable connection and the range is up to 15m with no interference. This keyboard adopts the unique silent technology and has a high ranking mute shrapnels in all of its keys.

The Royal Kludge RK61 Rainbow Backlit keyboard is also a good option. It has white keycaps with an ultra compact layout and 61 keys. It connects to bluetooth and works over USB. It has different brightness levels that you can control.

A compact white gaming keyboard is one of the essential tools for computer gamers. This is a must have that offers them the convenience, portability and flexibility while playing. A keyboard that doesn’t work well has a huge impact on your performance. Make sure to buy a quality keyboard that suits best to your needs.