When you need to be able to take your computer gear with you, compact accessories are a very helpful thing to have. Unfortunately, a truly compact keyboard with touchpad and number pad isn’t an easy accessory to find. You may not be able to fit the touchpad and keypad onto a compact design, but there are some keyboards that may work for you.

The Adesso Wireless SlimTouch Desktop Touchpad Keyboard is a very slim keyboard that won’t take up much room in a computer bag. The silicone rubber key switch allows you to type faster and more quietly. The wireless design runs on batteries, and the keyboard will alert you when the batteries are getting low. With both a trackpad and a number keypad, this keyboard gives you all the functionality you need without taking up a ton of space.

A similar model is the Rapoo Blade Series Ultra-Slim 2.4Ghz Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad. This keyboard has the touchpad and number pad in the same place. You simply slide the indicator to change from a mouse trackpad to a number keypad. You can skip the mouse and just bring this slim design keyboard along to save room. The keyboard comes with batteries already installed, and the wireless function can be used up to 10 meters away.

The 2.4G Mini Wireless Ultra Thin Keyboard with Touchpad by SPK603 doesn’t have a number key pad, but is a compact keyboard that you can carry along easily. The entire keyboard weighs less than 12 ounces, and can be used on just about any electronic device.

A compact keyboard doesn’t allow for a number key pad, but slim models like these give you everything you need. They will fit right into a bag and eliminate the need for a mouse. With the quiet keys and the wireless function, this may just be the perfect solution to your need for a compact keyboard with touchpad and number pad.