In this day and age, providing wireless Internet in a commercial setting is nearly essential. Far more businesses offer customers WiFi than not, and to be behind the curve can be detrimental for a business. There are many options available online to business owners and managers who are looking to purchase a commercial wireless access point to provide wireless Internet to their employees and guests.

One access point that reviewers favor is the Ubiquiti UniFi Long Range Access Point. Power and data can be carried over a single Ethernet cable connected to the access point, preventing inconvenient and unsightly cord bundles that often become an issue with hot spots. Reviewers have rated the device as being just as powerful as competitors, but at half the price. The hot spot provides excellent signal distance for commercial use.

Another top rated commercial wireless access point comes from tech giant Cisco. Their AIR-LAP1142N-A-K9 Aironet 1142 Controller-based AP wireless hub is sleek, secure and easy to mount. This is just the latest offering from the trusted company, who has been producing wireless Internet peripherals for years. Reviewers note that the access point has been successfully used across school campuses.

A second popular choice from Ubiquiti is their AirRouter HP Indoor WiFi Router, which offers connection speeds of 150 Mbps at distances up to 100 metres away. The small black device is unobtrusive with an interface described as intuitive. Reviewers have called the router’s firmware sophisticated and mentioned that the product was easier to use than expected and outperforms much more expensive products.

Providing commercial wireless access no longer has to be a tricky and expensive prospect with the multitudes of routers and hot spots available online. With long ranges and high speeds, businesses can easily provide Internet to customers and employees without tons of increased cost. Staying ahead of the curve is essential in business, and a commercial location without wireless Internet can easily get left behind. An investment in a reliable commercial wireless access point can go a long way in boosting the success and functionality of a business.