Watch internationally acclaimed films made from all over the world. The Coming Home Chinese movie DVD is available for purchase and features the full-length movie that was filmed and originally released in China.

Made in 2014, the Coming Home Chinese movie DVD first received acclaim from the Cannes film festival and then was purchased for distribution through the Sony Pictures Classics film company. The story in the movie follows a couple who are madly in love, but forced to separate when the man is arrested and sent to a labor camp for numerous years. When the man is finally released, he tries to reunite with his love only to find that she has amnesia and cannot remember who he is. The man must then try to regain her love through a series of romantic events. Coming Home has a run time of 108 minutes. It features the original Chinese audio along with dubbed audio in English and Spanish. Multiple subtitle tracks are available, including English, Spanish, and French.

Along with the Coming Home Chinese movie DVD, there are many other DVDs that you can order with a similar theme of love, hope, and happiness. For example, you can purchase the 1996 film Fly Away Home. The movie follows the adventures of a girl who adopts a flock of geese that do not know how to fly. By bonding with her father, the girl uses airplanes to teach the geese to fly and travel for the winter.

Another great DVD to order is Sidney Potter’s film To Sir, With Love. The movie features Potter as a teacher that must deal with a classroom of rowdy students as he takes the role of a new professor. During his time as the teacher he teaches valuable lessons, connects with students, and helps set them up for a positive future.

Ordering these DVDs is a great way to expand your movie knowledge and build an impressive collection of titles.