Watching live and breaking news offers clear video, audio, and interviews on the scene. Instead of missing out on the news, you can stay up to date by accessing CNN TV Live. When you’re away from your TV or cable options, there are numerous resources to gain access to the streaming.

One of the easiest ways to get CNN TV Live is directly from the source. The official CNN app is available for multiple devices and through the Amazon App store. A highlighted feature on the app is breaking news updates. Your phone or tablet will automatically alert you when breaking news happens. As this occurs, you can read CNN articles or watch a live stream from the network broadcasts. Along with TV broadcasts, the app also features app-exclusive bonuses like extended interviews or coverage during commercial breaks. Another feature on the app is the iReporter. If you are a witness to a live news story, then you can use the iReporter to submit photo and videos. By watching the live stream, you can see if your photos and videos make it on the air.

Instead of paying for cable to watch CNN TV Live, you can use a mobile TV device like Belkin @TV Plus. The device uses an internet connection to stream hundreds of TV channels through a special app download. Not only can you watch CNN, but you can stream additional news channels that CNN produces. Instead of being stuck on the TV, the device works with a majority of phone and tablet connections. If you’re going to miss a CNN program that you want to watch, then you can set a digital DVR to record the content and view it at a later point. This allows you to easily keep up with the news and stories.

Don’t get left behind on the news cycle. Use apps and devices to stay up to date on current events, politics, and worldwide situations.