A versatile piece of hardware accessory, closet pins or shelf pins are used to support shelves brackets firmly. Find out more of closet pins for shelving on the internet and make every shelf fixed in a secured manner.

As the name implies, many of the closet pins for shelving are suitable for interior closet shelf, kitchen cabinet, bookcases, garage shelf, entertainment room shelf and others. These are made of metal or plastic material that are normally driven into stud wall or dry wall. The closet pins are available in various diameter sizes and finishes ranging from five-mm., one-fourth inch, seven-mm., three-fourth inch and others depending on bracket sizes.

The closet pins are used to fix the wall brackets in place, holding up the weight of the shelf or cabinet, as well as maintaining its position at any height above the ground for a longer period of time. At the same time, you may need these closet pins for re-positioning or expanding of shelves for future storage needs.

Don’t forget to look around online for ideas on how to pick the appropriate closet pins for shelving. Always check the wall bracket sizes and bracket anchors sizes for matching purposes if you replace a damaged pin. Additionally, these closet pins are produced by well-known manufacturers like ClosetMaid, RubberMaid, Prime-Line Products and others.

When you shop for closet pins for shelving, always consider your budget and preferred pin sizes that match either an existing shelf or for new shelf installation. It is also advisable to check drilled hole sizes to ensure proper fitting. So, whether you want to expand shelf spaces or to replace an existing one, let these closet pins deliver the needed support for the wall brackets more effectively.

A closet pin is an essential home improvement hardware of any need for durable shelving, so get one of these today.