A closet light base is conveniently designed to cast a moderate light over the bottom of your closet door, so that even when all the other lights are off the room isn’t pitch black. It can be placed anywhere, however, which is what makes them even more convenient than what they were even intended for by itself.

The Stick-on Anywhere LED Light with Magnet made by TORCHSTAR is wireless and rechargeable. It’s an LED motion sensor night light with a USB cable and 3M adhesive. It’s specifically designed for drawers, closets, corridors, stairs, trunks, under the cabinet, and anywhere else that may need a lightly lighted path.

BYB also makes a Stick-on Anywhere Night Light with a motion sensor LED nightlight that comes with a rechargeable battery powered portable PIR emergency light. It has a free USB cable and 3M of adhesive like the light from TORCHSTAR. It’s easy to install, especially with how many options you have for mountain the light. Not only do you have the 3M of adhesive tape to work with, but there’s also built-in magnet as well as screws and mounting holes. As a bonus, it’s also ultra-bright, providing a whopping 100 lumens of light with the six LEDs.

For something that could light a path or hallway or that you could just picture around the mirror of a big-shot Hollywood star, QPAU makes a motion sensor light that can stick anywhere. While the light from BYB has six LEDs, the one from QPAU has 10 super bright LEDs and extremely sensitive motion detection. Together, that ultimately allows the light to provide resilient illumination, making it ideal for various rooms throughout the house.

Whether you get a closet light base for its intended purpose or you get one because you have a DIY scheme cooked up for somewhere else in the home, you can find the right light with the right power of illumination and light to fit any room in your house.