It’s much nicer waking up in the morning to some light music than the harsh buzz of an alarm. That’s why there are so many clock radios out there. If you’re looking for a clock radio, there are a few main features you’ll want to look for. To help narrow your search, we’re going to highlight a few of the most popular clock radios below.

The NAXA NRC-172 PLL digital alarm clock and radio is an extremely affordable option for your clock radio. It’s also very convenient thanks to its 10 radio presets and snooze function. The radio is a black lacquer circle with a flat edge on the bottom for stability. The LED time lights are red so they don’t hurt your eyes at night. This high quality clock radio has a UL/ETL approved AC adaptor.

If you’re looking for a clock radio with presets and a cd player, try the Jensen JCR310. This is a top loading CD player with a green LED clock. It has a digital PLL AM/FM radio with ten presets for AM and ten presets for FM. The JCR310 also has an auxiliary in port so you can plugin your smartphone or other digital music players. If the power goes out the clock will keep its time and still wake you up thanks to two AA batteries. This is a high quality clock radio with presets and a cd player that makes an excellent gift.

For those of us who just want the radio and ability to connect and charge our iPhone, the Jensen JBD100 Universal Bluetooth Clock Radio with charging for smartphones is the perfect solution. This is actually a Bluetooth clock radio which means your smartphone doesn’t need to be near the clock at all.

If you’re tired of the screeching buzz of your regular alarm clock, you need a clock radio with auxiliary functions.