If you have one of the newer Android or Apple phones, you know how amazing smartphone cameras have gotten. There’s only one problem. What do you do when you want to zoom? Yes, they have zooming functions, but they don’t give you the same crisp images that you’re used to getting on your phone when you take pictures close up. Fortunately, with a clip-on zoom lens for your smartphone, you can get basically the same quality pictures but from much farther away.

Wonbsdom offers a universal 12X zoom telephoto lens that clips onto your smartphone and comes with a tripod and a retractable phone holder. This manual-focus lens is compatible with almost all smartphones, and it has an ultra-long design for great shots from extra far away. With this telephoto lens and tripod, you can say goodbye to your old digital camera.

Need to get pictures from even farther away or blow up very small subjects for some interesting macro shots? Wonbsdom has another clip-on zoom lens that zooms up to 60X. Plus, it can be used on almost any smartphone and works on most tablets, as well.

Hatori has an attractive white and black optical zoom telescoping lens with 8X magnification and a kit for your iPhone or Android phone, as well as most tablets. It has a 65-degree angle of view, and its objective lens diameter is 18 mm.

The DAOTS option actually has a tripod mounted to the lens itself, and then the whole assembly clips to your phone or tablet. This gives you four to twelve times the magnification of your phone’s lens, and it allows you to take incredibly steady pictures.

Take a spin through all of your options for a clip-on zoom lens for your smartphone or tablet. Order the one you like best, and see how much more professional and cool your pictures can be without buying a separate camera.